FlexWeigh - NWF-B Net Weight Filler

APPLICATION: Net Weight Containers are filled directly from a scale hopper (or tank). Process sequence controls are provided to user's feed devices for the scale hopper, and for scale hopper discharge control. FEATURES INCLUDED: DWM-IV NWF Net Weight Filler; Two 120 VAC @ 2amp Feed Output; Auto Tare on FEED Start; Auto Print and Weight Totalization; Pull ON / Push OFF controls power switch; Lever toggle DISCHARGE / FEED switch; Hoffman NEMA-12 painted steel enclosure: 14"h X 12"w X 6"d. OPTIONS:High Speed A/D (700 per second); Various Enclosure Styles and Sizes; Automatic Refill and/or Discharge; SCR Adjustment Controls; Remote Switch Operation; Load Cells and Mounts; Hoppers.