FlexWeigh - NWF-LIW Net Weight Filler

The NWF-LIW provides control sequences to user's supply hopper discharge and fill devices. It allows the discharge of preset Net Weight quantities of product from the supply hopper, and allows an automatic refill cycle for when the supply in the hopper becomes too low for another Net Weight discharge. For supply hoppers that do not have automatic refill capability, an optional alarm or front panel indicator light is available to warn that supply hopper refill is required. FEATURES INCLUDED:DWM-IV / NWF-LIW Loss-In-Weight Filler; Two 120 VAC @ 2amp Feed Output; One 120 VAC @ 2amp Refill Output; Auto Tare on Discharge START; Auto Print and Weight Totalization; Pull ON / Push OFF controls power switch; START pushbutton; Interlock No Start on Low Supply; Hoffman NEMA-12 painted steel enclosure: 14"h X 12"w X 6"d. OPTIONS: High Speed A/D (700 per second); Various Enclosure Styles; Manual Override Switches; Front Panel Status Indicator Lights; Remote Switch Operations; Hoppers; Tanks; Load Cells and Mounts.