FlexWeigh - DBC-B Digital Batch Controller

The DWM-IV / DBC-B is provided standard with two feed control relays for single ingredient - two speed feed, or two ingredient - single speed feed. Additional relays can be added for up to three ingredient - two speed feed, or six ingredient - single speed feed. At the completion of the batch FILL sequence, the DBC-B can be switched to an automatic batch DISCHARGE sequence which terminates at a preset Zero Tolerance. All units are provided with a large Emergency Off switch to halt the automatic process. The process may then be resumed from where it left off, or be aborted. Printer outputs (including complete individual batch documentation, accumulated batch totals, and material usage reports) are standard. FEATURES INCLUDED: DWM-IV / DBC-B Digital Batch Controller; Two 120 VAC @ 2amp Feed Output; One 120 VAC @ 2amp Discharge Output; Auto Print and Weight Totalization; Pull ON / Push OFF controls power switch; Lever toggle DISCHARGE / FEED switch; Hoffman NEMA-12 painted steel enclosure: 14"h X 12"w X 6"d. OPTIONS: Various Enclosure Styles; Remote Switch Operations; Manual Override Functions; Status Indicator Lights; Automatic Repeat Sequences; Bench Scale Platforms; Floor Scale Platforms; Tanks; Hoppers; Load Cells.